About us
Our company

Business SMS is a wholly Australian owned company which owns and operates a totally web based service to deliver and receive SMS text messages for business and consumers across the globe   << more details >>

Our focus

To deliver targeted messages directly from our clients computer keyboard to one or many mobile phone numbers at the same time, eg. Staff, Casuals, Contractors, Members, Guests, Prospects or any other
person that needs to be contacted in a fast, reliable and cost effective manner

To process all SMS replies or other incoming SMS texts in a highly efficient manner that delivers responses back to our clients customised to their individual business requirements

We are constantly looking at new functionality to add to our service and are always prepared to explore other innovative ways that Business SMS could be used to meet our clients ever changing needs with their Business Communications
Our Vision

To be recognised as the practical choice for clients to use our service for their business communications needs in conjunction with our advanced functionality that provides significant productivity benefits in both time and money

To operate on a global level on a 24 / 7 basis and be regarded as a reliable, effective, value for money and ethical service provider that is easy to do business with and readily contactable for support assistance
Our Mission

To partner with our clients to provide services and advanced functionality to make a dynamic and creative difference to their business

To maintain a relationship with our clients that is meaningful and continues to add value to their enterprise

To help our distributors build valuable sustainable businesses, who in turn can offer opportunities to other individuals to build businesses or provide employment