Business SMS

  Overview of our service

Here you will find a summary of of how our service operates and a description of the many ways that we will be able to assist you and your company in managing your Business Communication needs

Simply put, Business SMS is a totally web based application that lets you create and send SMS text messages to one or many mobile phones directly from your computer keyboard to any mobile number(s) around the world

Being totally web based there is absolutely no software that you will ever need to load on your PC and therefore no need to get your IT department involved. All you need is a web browser, typically Internet Explorer (but we do work just as well with other browsers) which means that you can access Business SMS from your office or home or anywhere in the world if you are on the move

Absolutely ideal for contacting any person that you or your company needs to pass on information to in a very timely manner, eg. Staff, Casuals, Contractors, Members, Guests, Prospects, etc.

Our Standard functionality puts you fully in control of managing and monitoring all SMS text messages sent and any replies or responses received, more information >>

Our Advanced functionality extends this control by providing you with tools that will integrate your use of our website with your internal Business Solution software to provide a complete Business Communications solution more information >>

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