Benefits of Business SMS
Here are some of the key benefits that Business SMS can offer to you and your company

  • Nothing to load on to your computer, you can be using Business SMS in just minutes
  • No contracts, no annual fees, no termination charges, no minimum usage per month, just service
  • One simple customer agreement gets you started, even try before you buy with our option of a free trial
  • Store your lists of contacts (name and mobile phone number) on our highly secure server or upload them directly from your own business applications
  • Highly productive, you can create and send an SMS text message to a list of mobile phone numbers in just a fraction of the time you would need to phone them individually
  • Customise your message to each recepient, one message is created but personalised to reflect each of your contacts by name or other information that you set
  • Very quick, messages are typically received within seconds of you hitting the Send button
  • Need to be sure that your SMS message has been received, use our Authentication feature to log when the SMS text was sent to the mobile phone and when it was actually received
  • Need to extend this functionality by getting your contacts to acknowledge or reply to your SMS message, use our enhanced Two Way facility to automatically route any reply back to your email inbox, (or any other format your business systems may require)
  • Set and forget, create your SMS message now but then set a future date and time for when you want it to be sent
  • Setup multiple accounts for other users in your department or company and have the total usage billed directly back to one master account

    . . . . . and a lot more once you start using Business SMS . . . . .