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Listed below are just some examples of the different types of companies that currently use Business SMS as an ideal Business Communications tool that delivers benefits and productivity gains. Outside of the examples shown below, we are sure that you can think of many other ways in which Business SMS could assist you and your company

  • Contact Groups - You have thousands of attendees at your conference and you need to advise a number of people who have registered for a certain event that the location has changed, you can create and send an SMS text message to those people on their mobile phones in just seconds

  • Medical Centres - Send a reminder SMS message to all people who have booked appointments for tomorrow, even better, get them to call back to confirm or use our extended two way system for their reply to go straight into your email inbox

  • Unions - An absolute ideal tool to keep your members informed of the latest breaking news and actions needed. Complimentary to email, your Business SMS message arrives in your members mobile phones within seconds of you sending it

  • Customer Service organisations - In your business you have a constant need to keep your customers and staff informed of the latest developments regarding delivery of items, next appointments, etc. Business SMS is an ideal communications tool to quickly get those important messages out and even better, to get your customers responding to you to confirm changes in planned events

  • Recruitment Agencies You have an urgent need to fill a particular vacancy, don't waste time calling the potential candidates, just send one personalised SMS text message to all candidates, now you are getting them to respond back to you with their availability

  • Volunteer Groups - Need to confirm rosters or changes to future events. Simply the easiest way is to use Business SMS to get your message out quickly and reliably, then save huge amounts of time because your people now have the ability to respond directly back yo you

  • Sporting Centres and Clubs - You always have those times when you need to quickly remind members and users of your facilities of upcoming events or promote short term vacancies because of sudden cancellations. Business SMS is the ideal communications tool to not only save you time but also improve that financial bottom line by getting more people through your doors

  • Construction or Building companies - Your workforce is typically on the move or not necessarily able to answer their mobiles. Business SMS is an ideal tool to broadcast personalised messages to many mobile phones at the same time so your management, employees, contractors, etc. are always up to date. Need to quickly fill casual staff gaps, send an SMS message to all possible casuals, let them then respond to you as to their availability

  • Hotels & Clubs, Restaurants, Entertainment venues - You have those times when the customers just aren't there or the weather is bad or the bookings for your next gig are down. Business SMS is a great tool to quickly canvas your marketing or membership lists to get more people through the door. Even provide an incentive, eg. first 5 people to call back get their first drink free (or use our enhanced TwoWay facility to get their replies back into your email inbox)

  • Retail services - You may be running a Dry Cleaning shop with potentially thousands of dollars sitting on the rack rather than in your cash register, use Business SMS to remind your customers that their goods are ready to be picked up. Same with any business that has repaired goods ready to be picked up. Even advise them that their items are about to be disposed of as a last resort

    . . . . . and the list of possible uses just goes on and on . . . . .